First Post

January 22, 2009 at 7:15 am (Uncategorized)

have always planned on creating another journal, and I’ve finally chosen WordPress (big reason why I didn’t make an account for this at once is because I was so annoyed that I can’t add a “-” in my username ^^; I always have either that or an “_” when I create usernames of my cyber name ^^;

Anywayz, I am not yet sure on what I’ll do on this one. I’ve been thinking of making my LiveJournal account focus on the AniManga fandom while this one will focus on my other fandoms (such as movies, novels, tv series, etc.) BUT I am not yet sure on that one ^^; I’ll think about it. It might even be entirely different. Ehehe.

I am still trying to get used to WordPress. I am still more comfortable with LiveJournal ^^; Ehehe. But I think I’ll like this one too. It has many features that LiveJournal doesn’t (though there are also features that LJ has and some I like better than this blog site’s version).

I actually thought of using BlogSpot too ya know (I actually have an account there already, though not under my cybername . . .and is already taken yet doesn’t exist! WTF?!) but I don’t like its comment system (comments are separated from the entry? How annoying x_x) And I don’t think there are cuts or features that can make the entry seem shorter -_- That’s too disorganized for me . . long scrolling too -_-

Whoa! I’m really so typative. Gotta sleep now.

*accidentally deleted post of January 9*


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