Supernatural Season 1

January 22, 2009 at 8:07 am (TV Series)

From the title I already knew that it was my kind of series (I’m a sucker for supernatural stuff after all) and I am very pleased that it turned out to be much better than I expected.

It had been true to its genre. It can indeed given me the chills and surprised me a lot of times. Supernatural elements aren’t limited to ghosts, but even to legendary creatures of divine deities. If you’re horried enough the hilarious scenes there are enough to balance those feelings. It knows when to add comedy lines and scenes. Of course its got some action and adventure too with all those hunting. It may not be centered on fight scenes, but they certainly got some moves. And of course, love here is not centered on erotic romance, because it also emphasizes on other forms of love, especially family.

Storytelling was really remarkable! Although it’s mostly episodic, each hunting case had been different. I mean, it’s not all the time they encounter a ghost, sometimes they encounter even more powerful beings, and sometimes not a specific creature at all, and there was even one time that their enemies are actually just humans. But of course it had not forgotten its main story. You can notice progress on it even in the episodic cases.

Characters, though I complain on the small number of the main cast, they had been excellent and were enough to make the series more interesting. They are not boring, they’ve got personality, and they’re not perfect. This doesn’t only apply to the main duo, because other characters get their value too.

Overall it had been a very entertaining and exciting series that I can’t wait to see the next season! Man, I should’ve started this sooner. Hehe


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